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Supported by hardware and software, our experienced staff can properly manage and fulfill any sized organization’s largest and/or most complicated communication and printing projects.

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Main Graphics provides a robust web-based software solution that helps organizations manage their distributed marketing needs. It enables corporate, local, and regional marketers, field sales staff, and marketing partners to create, customize, store, manage, and measure marketing collateral across channels using a single integrated platform. Distributed marketing entails complex activities, and organizations that aren’t using automated processes or specialized software solutions may be wasting time and money. Some of the challenges they face include:
  • Team members and partners with different agendas and needs
  • Diverse marketing and sales systems with limited ability to share information
  • A fragmented supply chain—poor communication, delivery tracking, and follow-ups
  • Too many manual processes and opportunities for error
  • Slow and delayed turnaround times for even the smallest customizations
  • No centralized materials repository
  • Inefficiencies in maintaining brand consistency and updating branding

Our Solution

Our solution is an integrated IT platform with built-in processes and strategies that save time, money, and effort. It includes a suite of technologies, print production capabilities, and fulfillment services that automate the many processes related to the creation, management, and distribution of marketing materials. Key benefits include:
  • Centralized system designed specifically for corporate and local marketing
  • Web-based solution that requires minimal IT support and ensures timely updates
  • Anywhere access and always-up-to-date marketing and sales materials
  • Workflow automation and optimization

Additional benefits include

Access Management & Control

A secure, customizable, single sign-on web portal with permission management and comprehensive technology and workflow management.

Dynamic Content Assembly

Global content management, eliminating the need for corporate to create multiple versions of marketing and sales materials. Automated enforcement of brand and style guidelines while still allowing permissible customization by local marketers.

Asset Management

A central online repository containing digital versions of all sales and marketing materials and an online catalog of all materials. A customization engine enables users to modify sales and marketing materials using pre-approved customization options.

Campaign Management

Campaign automation, personalization, delivery, and data management.

Reporting & Measurement

Role-based dashboards. Extensive reporting capabilities (e.g., campaign, customer profiles, user activity, usage statistics, and more). Output Management. A business rules engine manages approvals, user workflow, and the organization, formatting, and distribution of data Includes.