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Green Initiative Main Graphics

The Team at Main Graphics is committed to being a better global caretaker. Specific examples of the principles we follow include:
  • George, Sales & Marketing: “As an FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified printer, we are audited yearly to ensure compliance with strict standards.
  • Andrew, Customer Service Manager: “We actively educate our customers on the realities and cost efficiencies of FSC certified and recyclable papers. Let us know the intent of your print project, we’ll offer you a variety of sustainable paper options.”
  • Rick, Operations Manager: “We recycle all possible materials in our plant and our offices, including paper, cardboard, metal printing plates, plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, packing materials, obsolete electronic devices and more. We’ve also automated a number of processes in our pre-press area that drastically limit excessive waste.”
  • Steve, Plant Foreman: “We worked with our vendors to develop a new washout regimen that lets us use the lowest VOC (volatile organic compound) solvents available in the U.S. Now we’re putting into the air one-eighth of the VOCs that many other printers in California and across the globe are emitting.”
  • Sam, Chief Press Operator: “We use vegetable based inks including soy and others in our printing process. We’re always able to recommend the best inks and other coating materials that meet our customer’s requests.”
  • Ron, Shipping Manager: “We have incorporated more efficient, lower-emissions delivery vehicles into our fleet, and we make a point to manage the logistics of delivery and fulfillment with efficiency in mind.”
  • Maria, Officer Manager: “For years we have required our janitorial services to be performed with “green clean” biodegradable cleaners void of artificial dies and scents.”
Our Green Initiative drives us to find solutions to reduce, recycle and establish best practices to improve sustainability. We must all work to protect the environment.