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The Art Of The Leave-Behind: Why Print Collateral Will Always Have A Place In Marketing

POST WRITTEN BY: Adam Wagner – Chief strategy officer and partner at Raindrop. We believe in the power of human connections and helping clients build relationships.

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Antiquated. Outdated. Unnecessary. Ask an inbound-only marketer about print collateral, and these are the words you might hear in response. Meanwhile, marketers who see the big picture are using creative, conceptual leave-behinds to put a bow on their brand experience and make a tangible impression. With digital becoming the more prevalent marketing medium, there are moments when a high-touch piece of print collateral can make a surprisingly profound impact. Why?
Print Is Primal

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Why 1:1 Print Beats Online “Targeting”

    If you want to communicate quickly and inexpensively, online marketing can be a powerful tool. But if you want relevant marketing communications that consumers truly respect, then try your personalization in print. In a survey of more than 1,200 people conducted by Zussi Research for ad: tech London, for example, 69% percent of respondents saw traditional advertising as relevant to them. By contrast, only 45% saw online marketing as relevant. Respondents also described online marketing as “chaotic.” This data reflects how misdirected and intrusive ads can create a high level of annoyance, even when those efforts are targeted. Compare this to print. Mailing databases tend to be more accurate and their targeting more focused. Personalized print earns consumers’ trust and respect. Consumers also appreciate the purposeful investment print requires in the marketer’s relationship with them. It creates a sense they are valued. What does this mean for you? While it’s important to expand your marketing to create a comprehensive multichannel marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that digital channels should be additive to print marketing efforts, not a replacement. If you want better targeting, don’t make the mistake of replacing print, just personalize it!

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Top 5 Reasons Print won’t Disappear

Print advertising keeps on being an incredible method to contact the target group and positively affect the objective market. While other advertising alternatives are accessible, for example, online media, the conventional techniques for printed media keep on being compelling in the realm of advertising. Here are a couple of the reasons why print is as yet a feasible choice to use in a future campaign:

Research has demonstrated that the kind of print that people can interface with is the most vital. Simply by opening a leaflet or turning the pages of a magazine, the faculties are progressively drawn in which can prompt a more prominent association with the audience. Also, this media is sure to keep going for a more extended timeframe contrasted with the online choices that before long vanish. Additionally, magazines are effectively passed to other relatives or companions and can stay in the home for quite a while.

During a time when numerous organizations are exclusively utilizing web-based ads, it is conceivable to truly get print advertising to emerge like never before. Direct mailers are less normal, so there is a lower danger of these simply being lost with a bunch of other comparative ads. With imaginative printing strategies and a decent plan, it is as yet conceivable to get the enthusiasm of your audience utilizing conventional advertising techniques.
  • SAFE

Certain web-surfers are less disposed to click online ads since they accept there is a danger of tricks or infections. This negative view can truly bring down the planned reach of a campaign. Be that as it may, the printed option has no apparent hazard and perusers are bound to appreciate the data gave.

Print advertising isn’t as costly as the same number of people assume. The most recent strategies to print have numerous the whole procedure substantially more productive and moderate. This implies a print advertising campaign is even feasible for a little new company.

People that are perusing a magazine or paper are increasingly disposed to give an engaging notice more consideration. This significantly improves the probability of making a future move or to recollect a brand. In any case, with the online option, numerous people invest little energy on one page and continually exchanging between locales, internet-based life, or different exercises on a PC or tablet. This implies the ads will get significantly less consideration.

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When Is Personal Too Personal?

One of the benefits of 1:1 marketing is the ability to increase the relevance of each communication by making the message more personal. By using the information you already know about the recipient, you can communicate on a more intimate, 1:1 level. But this approach can also be misused. Individuals and businesses are very protective of their privacy these days, and rightly so. Customers want to know that their data is not only safe but that the marketers they do business with won’t misuse it. What are some first steps you can take to ensure that your customers and prospects know that you care about their privacy?
  • Include an official privacy statement in your information-gathering materials.
  • If you are collecting data, include a notice of physical and data security procedures and a promise of confidentiality.
  • When personalizing your marketing messages, don’t disclose overly personal details (“Hey, Bob! Ready to default on that sky-high mortgage?”).
  • Be transparent. Provide full details about what respondents have to do to receive any prizes or promotional items.
  • Follow all opt-in regulations, including double opt-ins for email lists and providing the option to opt-out of future marketing contacts.
  • Assure that respondents’ information will not be sold to third parties.
Privacy standards, both in print and online, are always evolving. So stay abreast of the discussion. Talk to your customers to find out any other concerns and address them. The more you can assure your customers that their personal information is safe with you and that it will be used appropriately, the more you will win their trust.

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