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How To Make A Beautifully Simplistic Business Card

Creating business cards is an art. You can easily tell the difference between a well-designed business card and one that was either a simple template or was quickly slapped together. It is a common thought that putting a lot into a business card creates a beautiful business card. A simple business card can be one of the most beautiful though.

Get Rid Of Unneeded Information

The key to making a beautiful and simple business card is to put only the most needed information on it. Name, phone number, and email address are the best. However, you can also include the company name and position if needed. For those that have to include more information, put it on the back.

Skip Images and Color Choice

Skip any images on the business card. Instead, focus on the text.  You can also skip the logo. Keep your color palette to only a few colors, preferably the color of the business card and the color of the text. Less colors will be less distracting typically and allow a person to process the information on your business card.

Pick The Right Font

Your font says a lot about you. Too fancy of a font and someone might think the wrong thing. Fancy fonts can also be harder to read and as such, someone will focus less on your card. Pick a font that is easy to read and not too ornate.

Use A Printing Press

One of the great ways to make a simple business card that is beautiful is to traditionally print them with a printing press. The simple part of having your name, email address, and phone number embossed onto the card, while simple, helps it to stand out. After you have created your design, you should look over it. Try to find ways to simplify the design. If you can’t think of any way and you find the card beautiful, job is done. If not, keep tweaking it until you feel it is right.