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Why Your Business Needs To Incorporate Color Paper

Colored paper is typically associated with school projects and special uses. There is more to the wide variety of colors than just a limited number of uses. Color paper can do a lot for your business, let’s take a look at exactly how. Why Your Business Needs To Incorporate Color Paper

Carry The Brand

Almost every brand you can think of is associated with at least one color. For example, Target is typically associated with red. Utilizing color paper when printing materials for your company can help to carry on the brand. When it comes to our Target example, a red business card with white text would be very recognizable.

Make Information Stand Out

Black and white can be very elegant but it is hard to make information stand out without any color. When you start with color paper you are quickly attracting information to anything you need printed. Flyers you hand out or leave at your door will be quickly noticeable and the designs can be more vibrant, drawing attention to a specific part of the paper.

More Energizing

People get very dull of seeing the same advertisements all the time. If you use color paper, you are immediately making your ads stand out but you are also bringing a unique energy to the ad through the paper. Color gets people interested and engaged with the material.

Variable Uses

Color paper can be used for anything you want. From creating business cards to flyers, it will get the job done in style. You can also use it for office documents to easily distinguish between different forms or to make workplace signs stand out. Color paper has a place in any business and chances are you can find more than one way that it can be used in yours. If your business hasn’t started to use color paper it is time to start considering it. You can get almost any color paper, from black to neon colors.

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How To Make A Beautifully Simplistic Business Card

Creating business cards is an art. You can easily tell the difference between a well-designed business card and one that was either a simple template or was quickly slapped together. It is a common thought that putting a lot into a business card creates a beautiful business card. A simple business card can be one of the most beautiful though.

Get Rid Of Unneeded Information

The key to making a beautiful and simple business card is to put only the most needed information on it. Name, phone number, and email address are the best. However, you can also include the company name and position if needed. For those that have to include more information, put it on the back.

Skip Images and Color Choice

Skip any images on the business card. Instead, focus on the text.  You can also skip the logo. Keep your color palette to only a few colors, preferably the color of the business card and the color of the text. Less colors will be less distracting typically and allow a person to process the information on your business card.

Pick The Right Font

Your font says a lot about you. Too fancy of a font and someone might think the wrong thing. Fancy fonts can also be harder to read and as such, someone will focus less on your card. Pick a font that is easy to read and not too ornate.

Use A Printing Press

One of the great ways to make a simple business card that is beautiful is to traditionally print them with a printing press. The simple part of having your name, email address, and phone number embossed onto the card, while simple, helps it to stand out. After you have created your design, you should look over it. Try to find ways to simplify the design. If you can’t think of any way and you find the card beautiful, job is done. If not, keep tweaking it until you feel it is right.

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Why You Need To Use Color Advertising Flyers

Looking at advertising material it can be hard to decide on what upgrades you want to make to your order. One of the options that any Orange County printing company will offer is color printing for color advertising flyers. This is an upgrade you don’t want to skip out on.

Color Advertising Flyers Create More Memorable Designs

Black and white designs are plain and simple. It is very rare that these designs are stunning enough to stay in your mind. Studies have shown that color advertising flyers and other color printing stay in someone’s mind longer than other options. We see the world in color and that makes these designs stay in your mind longer.

Color Advertising Flyers Shows Quality

When a company is willing to invest in color advertising flyers, it shows that they are willing to put money into their advertising. An investment in advertising shows confidence, good backing, and craftsmanship. All of these are qualities customers want to see in a company. It inspires confidence in a brand.

Color Advertising Flyers Give You More Options

There is only so much you can do with black and white designs. When you introduce color you are able to do exactly what you want with your flyers. Color advertising flyers have very few limits because you are able to mix colors, do overlays, and introduce rich graphics.

Color Advertising Flyers Properly Recreate Your Brand And Product

Color printing makes a big difference when it comes to recreating your brand and product. Color allows you to show your logo on paper just like it appears on digital devices or other branding material. When you include a picture of your product in color, the color gives your product more clarity and allows customers to get a good visualization of what you are selling. There are some materials that are okay to print in black and white but when it comes to advertising flyers, you need color advertising flyers. The benefits they give your business are well worth the small additional cost. You will make your material stand out.

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Hanging Trade Show Sign

When you take your company or business to a trade show you need to be able to show off your brand while having the space to work. A great way to do this is with hanging trade show signs. These signs are mounted from the ceiling above your booth, hanging off the side of your trade show table, or otherwise mounted. Here is why hanging trade show signs make a difference.

More Visibility

One of the most important parts of trade shows is that your booth gets noticed easily. Whether someone is specifically looking for you or they want to find you by chance, they need to be able to see your sign. Hanging trade show signs are made to be visible above your booth if possible so that crowds do not block the signage.

Clear Table Space

Table space during a trade show allows you to show off your product, brand, and give out as much information as you want. If the table is the sign you won’t want to cover up your name. Hanging trade show signs get brand up and off the table.

Reusable and Durable

Nothing is more annoying at a trade show than having signage that you spent a lot of money on that breaks, wears out, or otherwise doesn’t meet your expectations. A hanging trade show sign needs to be durable because it is meant to be suspended above the ground. Not only that, they are meant to be reusable for as long as you need them.

Quality Material

The material that hanging trade show signs are made out of are quite durable. These signs need to withstand being hung up. They also need to withstand being close to the high-powered lights of trade shows, and they need to stand out. When you order a hanging trade show sign you are buying a high-quality sign. Hanging trade show signs are great for making your business stand out at a show. People will easily be able to notice you and those who are looking for you will find you quickly. Missing out on this kind of advertising can reduce your potential at these shows.

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Tips For The Perfect Mailing List

Mailing lists for business mail have been used for ages. With the advent of the internet, some businesses have thought that there is no point to sending out to a mailing list. However, there is something about having a piece of paper in your hand that will beat email. If you want to create the perfect marketing collateral to send to a mail list, we are going to give you some of the tips that you need.

Maximize Your Mailing List

Sending anything in the mail costs you money. You should maximize the effectiveness of your mailing list by sending it to your existing customer base of people that like your product. Including people who have expressed interest is also an option. Random people or those with less interest will be harder to generate interest in. And some it might be a complete waste of money.

Plan It Out

Everything you do for your mailing list should be planned out. From planning the mailing list itself to every aspect of every piece of print that you generate. This saves money on mistakes and helps to prevent a waste of paper and time. Keep the plan simple, don’t try to get complicated as you will only distract the reader.

Don’t Try To Make Your Brochure Too Flashy

If you add too many images to your print material it will be watered down and you won’t have room for the content that matters to customers. Focus on delivering the content that matters to customers and you will have more effective marketing material.

Proofread Everything

There have been many times when businesses have skipped the step of editing and proofreading. In some cases, a typo will just be embarrassing. In others, it can end up costing you money. It helps to have someone else look over the content to confirm it is good.

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