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Tips For The Perfect Mailing List

Mailing lists for business mail have been used for ages. With the advent of the internet, some businesses have thought that there is no point to sending out to a mailing list. However, there is something about having a piece of paper in your hand that will beat email. If you want to create the perfect marketing collateral to send to a mail list, we are going to give you some of the tips that you need.

Maximize Your Mailing List

Sending anything in the mail costs you money. You should maximize the effectiveness of your mailing list by sending it to your existing customer base of people that like your product. Including people who have expressed interest is also an option. Random people or those with less interest will be harder to generate interest in. And some it might be a complete waste of money.

Plan It Out

Everything you do for your mailing list should be planned out. From planning the mailing list itself to every aspect of every piece of print that you generate. This saves money on mistakes and helps to prevent a waste of paper and time. Keep the plan simple, don’t try to get complicated as you will only distract the reader.

Don’t Try To Make Your Brochure Too Flashy

If you add too many images to your print material it will be watered down and you won’t have room for the content that matters to customers. Focus on delivering the content that matters to customers and you will have more effective marketing material.

Proofread Everything

There have been many times when businesses have skipped the step of editing and proofreading. In some cases, a typo will just be embarrassing. In others, it can end up costing you money. It helps to have someone else look over the content to confirm it is good.

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Why Graphic Design Is Important?

Graphic design is used to show off your brand starting with your logo and on up to every detail. Your company depends on those graphics and the graphics are only as good as the graphic design artist that you bring in. That artist needs to be able to make a quality design but more than that they need to be able to make the right kind of design. Look for the following when picking a graphic design artist for your business designs.

The Right Software

You want to look for a designer that doesn’t just have the experience to create your product but has the right software. Unless your artist is a miracle worker, there is a big difference in the quality of graphics you get from freeware software and professional-grade software. We use flexible and powerful software that is easy to work with so that we can provide clients with exactly what they are looking for.

An Understanding Of Business

Knowing the business is important for a graphic designer. Every design needs to take into account where the graphic is going to be used. For some, it may be important to have a lively, fun design while others might need something more professional. Before beginning a project, we speak with the client to get to know their needs. We combine this with our experience of working with a wide variety of businesses and organizations to give our clients the best product.

Go Beyond The Regular

A company needs graphic designs that go beyond the normal. Not only does your logo need to stand out, but the rest of your designs do also too. When someone sees your graphics, it needs to stick in their heads. We specialize in creating the right graphics to leave people remembering your company when they see branding from you.

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Boost Up Your Marketing with Printing And Graphics

Many businesses in Orange County want to boost their marketing, but they are unsure of what path to take. In the modern world of computers and internet advertising, many businesses slack on their Orange County printing and graphics. These services can quickly improve your marketing, especially if done right.

Business Cards

People have forgotten business cards in the age of cell phones. There are still plenty of chances where you can give out a business card but don’t have time to program in phone numbers. Business meetings, sales appointments, service appointments, and much more can boost your marketing. Even if the person doesn’t use the business card, they will likely use it to recommend you to another business or person.


Flyers can be used to carpet an area and get the name of your business out there. When ordered in bulk from Orange County printing and graphics, you can often find a large number of flyers for a low price. This can be especially beneficial if you add a coupon or discount to the flyer.

Signage and Banners

The more signage and banners you have, the better able people will be to find your business. It will also draw more attention to your business. People will notice your banners and signage and be interested. Take your banners from Orange County printing to events to make your business recognizable at events.

Letterhead and Office Materials

Letterhead and other office materials is a must. Having printed letterhead saves you money on printing it at your business. It also helps people to verify where they work. Something that is needed from time to time. In addition to that, letterhead and other printed office materials help to establish professionalism. An excellent Orange County printing and graphics company can often be found at great deals when you turn to them for marketing materials. Make sure to find a company that has high-quality materials and an excellent customer service record.

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Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing: Which One Is Superior?

With the age of digital marketing here, many have questions. One of the most common is: is digital marketing superior to traditional marketing? If so, why are Orange County printing companies still around? This can be summed up into one question: is traditional marketing or digital marketing superior? People want to know the answer. Especially when they own and/or run a company. The answer isn’t as clear and straightforward as you might think. We’ll help you to understand why they both still matter.  
Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

Image by Tony Ahn

Digital Ads Are Very Easy to Hide

A number of ad-blocking software have emerged on the internet, allowing people to remove ads from their screen. This leaves people a number of ads as not useful. You have to specifically tailor your ads to get past people’s ad blockers. And then you have to make the ads that people want. Effective digital marketing means making ads relevant and making people want to see them. The same goes for digital mailing lists.

Traditional Marketing Stands Out

People have a tough time not noticing traditional marketing. From billboards to flyers to signs, we see ads every day. But again, most of choosing to block out ads. It is the marketing that genuinely stands out that we remember and take to mind. There is only so much that someone can block out traditional marketing. There are still plenty of people left around the world that don’t browse the internet to have effective digital marketing.

The Two Work Together

To have effective marketing in Orange County or anywhere else in the world, you need to blend both digital and traditional marketing. The two work in harmony with each other to capture as many viewers as possible. With an Orange County printing company, you can cover the gaps that are left in digital marketing and vise-versa. The job of a marketing team is not an easy one. One of their many tasks is to find the right balance between the two. In most areas, though, traditional marketing will still win out over digital.

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