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The Art Of The Leave-Behind: Why Print Collateral Will Always Have A Place In Marketing

POST WRITTEN BY: Adam Wagner – Chief strategy officer and partner at Raindrop. We believe in the power of human connections and helping clients build relationships.

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Antiquated. Outdated. Unnecessary. Ask an inbound-only marketer about print collateral, and these are the words you might hear in response. Meanwhile, marketers who see the big picture are using creative, conceptual leave-behinds to put a bow on their brand experience and make a tangible impression. With digital becoming the more prevalent marketing medium, there are moments when a high-touch piece of print collateral can make a surprisingly profound impact. Why?
Print Is Primal

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Why 1:1 Print Beats Online “Targeting”

    If you want to communicate quickly and inexpensively, online marketing can be a powerful tool. But if you want relevant marketing communications that consumers truly respect, then try your personalization in print. In a survey of more than 1,200 people conducted by Zussi Research for ad: tech London, for example, 69% percent of respondents saw traditional advertising as relevant to them. By contrast, only 45% saw online marketing as relevant. Respondents also described online marketing as “chaotic.” This data reflects how misdirected and intrusive ads can create a high level of annoyance, even when those efforts are targeted. Compare this to print. Mailing databases tend to be more accurate and their targeting more focused. Personalized print earns consumers’ trust and respect. Consumers also appreciate the purposeful investment print requires in the marketer’s relationship with them. It creates a sense they are valued. What does this mean for you? While it’s important to expand your marketing to create a comprehensive multichannel marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that digital channels should be additive to print marketing efforts, not a replacement. If you want better targeting, don’t make the mistake of replacing print, just personalize it!

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